It's good to know that they have a good feel for their customer values and appreciate. It's the little things like this that you can expect from them so that you don't feel too bad when the next bill rolls around. -Serena K.

I highly recommend South Bay Energy for your energy needs. I have had service with them for 6 months now, and I've never encountered a problem. So far, their service is great, doesn't impose any extra fees, and is cheaper for electricity than my old provider(which I'd been with for 2 years).

-Michelle D.

Competitive pricing, excellent service and 100% renewable electric product.


Amazing rewards throughout my entire duration of service. with this company. Instead of a an insignificant annual rebate like my old supplier would provide. South Bay gives me a recurring reward each month I choose to stay with them. So far I've enjoyed over 300 reward dollars that are functional at many different restaurants nearby.

-Charles L.

South Bay Energy